i'm mish and i don't have much to say about myself. i just wanted to mess around on Neocities cause i got that internet nostalgia™ If this looks unprofessional and silly- good! this is not a proper site or anything, more for personal fun. i wanted try and capture the essence of an era i was just a little bit too late to properly experience (but that i love anyway). Will be adding more when i figure out what direction i wanna go with this & what i wanna share!


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Interests: ttrpgs, sprites, sea slugs, worldbuilding, short rpgs, old internet • I'm really not good at keeping social media or anything updated; it's part of why I made this site! There's no pressure to post super often (+ i have other issues with social media). • I do art and I use SAI for most illustrations, aseprite for sprites, and aseprite + mspaint for silly doodles • I don't play games often but my favorite are quicker story-focused type ones + simple multiplayer things like golf with your friends! • I don't know much about politics, history, or science. • i think dogs should vote

  i just really wanna see the scrollbar ok Credits favicon is from hypnospace outlaw!

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